About Us

Staircase is a national network for housing association and local authority residents in the UK.  We are a social enterprise founded and run by residents, for residents. Our mission is to connect, engage and advance residents.

Staircase brings residents together to support each other for personal and community advancement and to help shape the policies and services that affect us. We help residents to make the step changes towards achieving their aspirations, with support from RSL’s and related organisations.

Staircase aims to:

  • Support residents’ interests and help them pursue their goals;
  • Provide a free and open platform for residents to share their views, experiences, ideas, achievements and recommendations;
  • Promote opportunities for resident advancement, along with online tools to help them assess and manage their progress;
  • Help residents to gain a better understanding of the services provided by their housing associations and other providers;
  • Enable residents to assess, rate and review the services they receive, so they can engage constructively to improve service quality and to get better value for money.

Resident Benefits:

  • Find the latest news and opportunities offered by housing associations and service providers across the UK;
  • Be part of a community with shared interests, experiences and aspirations;
  • Make your voice heard and influence the policies and services that affect you;
  • Take advantage of sustainable home ownership and other opportunities;
  • Get independent support and advice when you need it;
  • Protect your investment and get the best value for your money.